Salam, this is my personal project by me “hoodie | series”. Dapat inspiration after browsing pictures in flickeriver. Insyaallah after this there will more pictures from this series. Thanx to Basyir sebab kene jadi model pakse rela haha.

Off topic kejap, aku tak faham why there are people call themselves as “sifu” or whatever you called it in photography but do not have the required skills lepas tu siap ade student and conduct a photography workshop =.=”. I’m not saying that i’m really good but i know where is my level. Do you think i’m good enough? hahah

I Hate Loneliness but it Loves Me



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January 6, 2011
haha.! saje nk komen site baru ko... btw, " I Hate Loneliness but it Loves Me" - bkn tjuk Bleach ke.? haha nice~ =)
    January 7, 2011
    hahah thanx milie! haah memang tajuk bleach