Last month i got a call from unknown number so i took the call (usually i don’t haha). The call was from One Malaysia Development, they want to use my picture in their coming campaign targeting young professionals/ tertiary student called Dana Belia. I was nervous and happy that time because i never had experience in buying/selling pictures. Luckily they help me out to settle all the transactions.

jelly | graduation | revisited

This is not the picture being use in the campaign

Being photography fanboy hobbyist i never thought my picture will be used in a campaign. I know this is just a small achievement but for me this is a big thing. Nothing can make me happier when someone actually appreciate my works. Special thanks to my friends in this picture midin,syuk,jelly,amin,rizzal,amir and najat.

jelly | graduation

“jelly | graduation – This is group picture jelly and her friends. Love the expressions in this picture is reflective of what we are looking for: young, energetic Malaysians” =)

The picture in their website.(click picture to go to the website)



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February 26, 2011
gmbr first cantik!! suke2..