I had this idea to take strangers’ portrait long time ago (last year) after stumble upon works by street photographer in Singapore, Danny St. I showed my friend Acap Danny St works and he said we should try this “new” type of photography project, at least new to Malaysian for this type of project since I could not find photographers in Malaysia who did it. Most of the photographers only shoot street candid (correct me if I’m wrong). The idea of this strangers’ portrait series is we have to ask the strangers permission before we can take their picture so this is not a candid shot.

I hope i can continue this series from time to time because i’m enjoying doing this series. This is new experience for me and it is a really nice experience. I will share the experience when i have enough experience to write in this blog. I would like to friends that  supported me and of course all the strangers.

You guys can check out this series here

p/s dear strangers, some of you might not find your picture in my flickr yet because i uploaded the pictures one by one (one day, one picture). So you can check out the pictures later or just drop me an email if you want the picture (hello@omaroza.com)



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